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  1. Need to have lunch one day tons of question regarding MTX. I' m to take 8 pis of the 2.5 dosage. I don't know how I will react and I need to do my job. She said the plaquinel needs some help. She was shocked when I told her I first had problems as a teenager.

    Phyllis I'm really nervous about this. I understand I need to do this; but ........

  2. Hey Phyllis feel any better? How's the head?
  3. Hey Phyllis, how about lunch on the 11th? Hoe are you doing? I got pain but the pred is working it's magic

  4. Hi Phyllis
    Want to pick a day for our Christmas lunch next week?

    Hope you are feeling ok. I see the rheumy on the 10thso Friday would be no good for me
    miss ya
  5. hi lady,
    yes, i would love to meet for lunch. I lost your telephone number, so give me a call.....(404)433-1784. i am in town tomorrow and next week.,,,let's get together.
  6. Hi Phyllis want to meet for lunch one day?
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