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  1. Doing ok, now retired health is better. Having insurance problems need to handle. Otherwise doing good. Hope you are doing better. Hugs
  2. dear nonna hope you are feeling okay hugs kim l
  3. hello nonna just checking in to see how you are and to wish you merry christmas if we do not get chance to chat before hand hugs
  4. Hi Kim, having a few problems but they are manageable. My fatigue is overwhelming at times. All I want to do I'd sleep do I can feel better. I know it's because of M day so today should be better. Thanks for checking , hope things are better for you. Hugs
  5. hi nonna just checking in with you we seem to be missing each other in chat room hope you are well hugs
  6. mtx can be really a pain it gives me stomach cramps and dioreah but i have to take it family okay same as usual taking one day at time you have great day hugs kiml
  7. Enjoyed myself, watched 2 games and then came home. Didn't overdo by staying all day. The mtx isn't working as it did last time. Probably needs to build up in my system. How are you and the family?
  8. dear nonna just checking in to see how you are feeling hugs kim l
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