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  1. It is great that you are trying to learn everthing that you can! It is a complicated disease and hard to understand. I was first diagnosed with RA just out of high school. Now they find out it wasn't it was always SLE. Frustrating YES!!! I have done extensive research on both diseases over the years, because there was a possibilty it was SLE. I am having a tough time right now as my medications haave not kicked in yet, and now I see my rheumy tomorrow after they called me in. I apparently am not responding to the plaquenil like they had hoped. He is thinking of changing my meds AGAIN!!! UGH!! Hope you enjoy this site and sorry about the sle!
  2. Hi there,Thanks for your kind words. I am trying to read as much as possible on SLE. I am up and down emotionally which I am assured is normal. Just trying to find some sense to all this. I feel that at last I have found happiness in my personal life and a job I love. Then this happens ! i know that I will find inner strength from somewhere to work through it
  3. hi susie,
    sorry to hear about the diagnosis.. we all know how you feel and we can all be here for each other...
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