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  1. Hi Megan;
    I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and that you New Year is filled with joy. Hope you are doing well. Sending you hugs
  2. You are most welcome. Keep coming to us and doing what you are doing..asking questions, learning, and taking control of your health. We are always here to help you!
    Peace and Blessings
  3. Thankyou, it just seems like the more faith you have the harder u r tested. I know that iwill pass the test. Thankyou for your understanding. Anytime you need to vent just write,I understand alot.
  4. Hi Megan; Dealing with all that you are dealing with now can make you feel that you are being punished or tested. It is just that we are physical, imperfect beings living in a physical, imperfect world and, as such, we are susceptible to the myriad of imperfections that breed in this world. Some of us suffer more than others, but we are no less loved or cherished. As long as we occupy these physical forms, we have to endure their fragility. But our spirits and our souls are perfect and in harmony with all that is good and we are cherished. Please know that you are loved and that you found your way to us so that we could make sure that you know that you are never alone!
    Much Love and Understanding
  5. Hi Susie may I call u that? Thankyou so much for your sympathy, it helps sometimes especially when one is having a very hard time. I just have everything going wrong at once besides my valve replacement, pacemaker, migraines, fribramyalgia, I now have pancreatitis, and a cyst on my pancreas, I still have to get then polyp in my gall bladder checked because I have been getting increasing pain in that area. I believe that the Lord is testing me, but when does it end? He can stop anytime now, I pray forthis everynight. I hpe things are well with you, your so sweet. Take good care of yourself.
  6. Megan; I'm sorry that you are dealing with so much right now. And you are in a brace also?? I know that, sometimes, it feels as if it may never end, but don't give up hope. Eventually, we all manage to have some good days. We are here for you and we understand! I hope you have a good day very soon.
  7. Good evening saysusie, thankyou for your last post to me. I hope that you are feeling well. I on the other hand have been having a hard time for the last 2 days. Low grade fever,inflammation of the tendons in mw knees,wrists and hands, migrain and general achyness,not to mention this ignorant straight leg brace is driving me crazy!!!! ( I had knee Surgery on the 18th Nov, I ruptured my patella tendon just going down 3 inch step. How crazy is that!
  8. Hi Megan;
    How are you? I hope that you are finding more people who are responding to you. Please feel free to write to me at anytime if you need to talk.
    Do not worry, you will make many, many friends here!
  9. hi Susie, I need friends, I'm pretty new on this site, not many people writing to me. I've read some of your posts,you seem to be very nice, and your pic has a beautiful smile, so if you don't mind another friend, I would like to be one
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