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  1. HI TAMMY!!!!! Hope YOU are doing ok! Anything new? Hows your health? Ive had some tough spots and i have more tests lined up BUT im trucking along! Stage 2 kidney damage, and a heart murmur is my most recent news. It is what it is though. Im doing what i can and my dr started the Plaquenil Monday. He wants to keep me on it for a year and then if it hasnt helped enough then we will go another route he said. Please take carre of YOURSELF and talk to me if you need to , OK? XXXOOO
  2. Hey girl. Glad to finally hear from you. Hope your well. Take care Tammy. xx
  3. HI TAMY!!!!!!!! Ive been MIA for health reasons BUT you are LOVED!!!!!! Sorry i havent been around to check in sooner!!!!! I hope your days have been well for you! I also hope you had a good Christmas and New Year!!!!!! Ill be around a bit more i hope! LOVE YOU! XXXXOOOO
  4. Hi, it's been a little while. Hope all is good. Hope you had a nice Christmas and wishing you a happy and safe 2010!!!
  5. Hey there Jeannette
    Hope your feeling better too. I haven't been on much lately, my pneumonia has tried hitting back. Got it under control now, but still feeling a little chesty. This cough just lingers, and it is annoying the h*** out of me. Hope to catch up soon, when we are both feeling up to it. Take care, and be safe...Tammy.
  6. Just wanted to say HI TAMMY! Hope your weekend went ok and try to stay well my FRIEND! We are all so sick around here lately huh! UGH! Love and HUGS!XXXXXXXXX
  7. Oh Tammy! How SWEET of you on your "smile" comment! THANK YOU my SWEET new FRIEND!!!!!!! I look forward to some GOOD CHATS as well!!!!! XXXXXXX Have a GREAT WEEKEND! XXXXXXXXXX
  8. Hi lucky7
    Naw, your so sweet. Thanks for accepting my friend request, you have a really bubbly personality, I think you bring a lot of smiles to this site. Looking forward to many conversations...Tammy.
  9. HELLO my AUSTRALIAN FRIEND!!!!!! THANK YOU for requesting me! Im honored!!! Hope you are feeling well and hope to talk with you soon!!!!!!!XXXXXXXXXXXX
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