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  1. oh the fun of the merry-go-round ride with the doctors and the meds. I hope they get you squared away really soon. I am doing great. Spent the weekend visiting a good friend at her new place in CT. We had a girls night in game night with some other friends and some adult beverages. This weekend I am going to NJ to see my niece and sister. Next weekend I will be in PA to see my other sister and her family. Busy, busy, busy. Health wise - ok. Today my face rash is really prominent. The arthritis is getting worse but the rheumy and I agree that we would like to stay off the NSAIDs and other meds as long as possible so days like today when it is wet and rainy and humid I just deal.
  2. Also wants to be able to narrow my other neurological symptoms down to one area of the brain. He seems to think that some of my symptoms are being caused either by the meds or the migraines themselves. So I go back in 3 mo and see what if any the difference is. I am so frustrated!!! He did increase the gabapentin also. UGH!!!!! I just want to be normal again, if I was ever really normal, but as close to normal as I can get. So enough about me, how are you feeling? Look forward to hear from you!! (((((HUGZ)))))
  3. I am dealing with it ok i guess! It really bothers me sometimes. I just got back from the University of Washington from seeing the neurologist, I guess I was hoping for a quick fix and it's going to be anything but. The Dr. told me I have to quit taking all NSAID's which I am ok with, but also wants me to stop the tordol, phenergan, relpax and compazine to stop them. He put me on a prednisone taper from 60mg down to 10mg. He says it should help cope with the migraines. The reason he is doing this is he wants to make sure that the meds aren't causing rebound headaches.
  4. (((hugs))) I just read about your loss. I am so sorry to hear that. I don't have any words to make it better but I will pray that the hurt becomes more bearable.
  5. Sun sickos made me laugh! I've never had the flu - so I guess what I feel like feels like the flu, at least from what I've heard. UGH to the flu! How are you?
  6. sorry about the sun sicko's thats what I call it. It makes me so I feel like I have the flu, sometimes even throw up. Mostly just hurt and get rashes and overheated, kind of like heat exhaustion. Hope you are doing better soon. So glad there may be an end in sight for my migraines. YEAH
  7. what did the neurologist say? I am doing ok. Was out in the sun Friday/Saturday and sick Sunday/Monday. Getting ready for my sister's baby shower this weekend. All else is well.
  8. not so good, still having the migraines! DAILY! but I see the neurologist tomorrow. so hopefully she will be able to figure things out. I don't know how much more of this I can take. The pain is soooo BAD. feels like my head is going to explode or implode, one of the two. How are you doing? I will let u know more after I see the neuro tomorrow.
  9. hello my friend! how are you? I hope you are doing well and having a nice summer.
  10. Hi! How are you? Sorry I haven't stopped by much. I hope you are doing well. How have you been feeling?
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