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  1. hi smokerscat, sounds like your pcp is really focused on helping you. It is such a comfort when a dr. cares about us. I hope all of the new meds are helping. Are you having better luck with sleeping? All sleeping aids give me horrible nightmares, so i don't eve try to take them.
  2. I took a digital thermometer and put them in between my hands then I did my feet! It works pretty accurately... My doctor told me what is causing it is the inflammation. I'm glad you had a good day today. Mine was as good as a get lately but all in all a good day! I saw my primary doctor today and he put me on ambien cr so I might actually get my sleeping habits fixed. He also is trying me on a new migraine med called zomig. I hope it works! I have been getting migraine headaches everyday. some lasting for days! he also put me back on nexium for the acid reflux probs. Hopefully I will get a good nights sleep and have no more headaches. Here's for hoping and praying!
  3. my hands and feet feel like they are on fire too. Feels like i am holding them in a hot oven. How did you take the surface temp.? I have never tested mine. Yesterday was pretty yucky, but got through it and today was a good one. I am so sorry for all of your suffering. When we have those flares that just go on forever, it becomes intolerable to wait them out. No one knows what we go through.
  4. Sorry about being mtx day! I remember those days! Icky!!! My feet and hands can literally have a surface temp of 107.5. I know because I took the temp between my hands and my feet. I prob could handle it if I didn't have so much going on at once. My rheumy said my tendons are inflamed as well as my joints, that is what is causing the pain, swelling, and heat in my hands an feet. I am also losing alot of hair, I mean I lost really big clumps of hair in the bath tub last night. I have had this one headache for over 48hrs. nothing seems to touch it! It's been a migraine now for 14hrs. THIS SUCKS! Thanks for wishing you could fix it! take care
  5. please, don't ever feel like you have to apologize to me. You are always asking about me, so, no worries. I took my shot last night, so today is my "weekly vacation". I get to spend the day in bed dealing with mtx side effects. Oh, i so wish your dr. could find something that will help you. My hands and feet get really hot, but i have never had to take an ice bath to control it. I guess, i just live with it. I never know if it is fibro or lupus that causes that pain. It feels like my hands and feet are being stuck into a hot oven....really sucks. are you feeling better today? if i could, i would wiggle my nose and your problems would go away for at least one deserve a break, and i hope it happens really soon.
  6. I have had solumedrol inj. before and they have helped, but I have had to many cortisone inj. I need to wait a while before I can have another one unfortunately! I sure hope better days are coming VERY SOON! I don't know how much more of this I can take! I took a ice cold bath last night and iced my feet because I felt on FIRE again my skin was even red and very hot to the touch. My rheumy thinks that it is because of the high levels of inflammation. I get that but why aren't the steroids taking care of that? I am so frustrated!!! I just want to feel somewhat normal!

    How have you been? I have been kind of wrapped up in all my problems and forgot that you have problems too. How are you? I am so sorry about that.
  7. have you told your dr. about this. When i get into a flare and can't get out, my dr. gives me a medrol injection, and i feel better very quickly. It is so difficult, and is way too much for us to handle on our own. Hang on girl, hopefully better days are coming.
  8. i started the Plaquinil a little over 2 mo. ago! No still not feeling well I'm afraid. Didn't get to sleep until 6am and woke up at 3pm. I really hate it! I want so badly to keep normal hours. Apparently that is just too much to ask for! It is a long struggle I have fought for quite some time! I am just at a loss... Don't know how to fix it!
  9. so sorry you had a bad day yesterday. Are you feeling better today? I am sorry, but i forgot how long you have been on plaquenil - how long ago did you start.
  10. well I felt good for the first part of the day and then everything went down hill. I spent another day in bed hurting again. I am so tired of the PAIN! I thought the plaquinil was starting to kick in but I guess it was just a somewhat good day at least part of the day. I had to ice my feet again last night, as they felt like they were on fire again. How are you doing?
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