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  1. just checking in to see how you are and to wish you merry christmas hugs.
  2. merry christmas and happy holidays hugs kim l
  3. hi smokerscat just wishing you a happy newyears celebration hope you are feeling well hugs kiml
  4. hi jennnifer glad you feeling well i love fishing don,t give up trying to have kids i know its hard i had 3 kids and a stillborn and 4 miscarriages you never know what will happen my husband and i discussed if we could not have children we would be happy to adopt is something you would consider . also i am on tablet they will not give injection for people with lupus
  5. Hi Kim
    Sorry you are feeling bad! I think I could call this a good day for me! I got out and did some steelhead fishing, didn't catch anything but I got out of the house and BED! YEAH!!! I was on mtx for 8yrs I know the feeling well! My hubby and I decided to try to start a family so I went off the mtx 2 yrs ago. Still not pregnant! Now I am fearing I may have to go back on it and give up on having a family. Hopefully not but it doesn't look good. Are you on the pill form of mtx or the injection? The injecion for me had a lot less side effects. take care Hugs back to you!
  6. hi jennifer just checking in see how things are well having day in bed today side affect of mexotrexate glad to see you have made friends now we will be all here for your good days and bad my friend if just want to chat pm at any time hugs kim l
  7. hi kim, how are you doing today! Well I hope! Take care!
  8. hi there my names kim l welcome to the site sorry you are lonely i understand about family members you are welcome pm me anytime you want to talk i am from australia and my birthday is in january to mine is 21st so we have one thing in common thats a start hope you are having good day today.
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