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  1. Hey Jen! Howve you been doing? Just wanted to say hello ... been really busy with the little ones and family.. think of you often
  2. well I really overdid it staying up all night and all day cleaning , trying to change my hours back to normal. I spent all day in bed, sleeping for a lot of it. So that didn't work very well! Maybe I shouldn't have cleaned house so long. Man I really hurt today! my feet and hands are swollen so it really hurts to walk and type so I need to stop typing now. I hope you are doing GOOD! take care and call me anytime! gentle hugs 2 U!
  3. Hey Jen
    I am feeling better than I did yesterday! I even went steelhead fishing this afternoon with my hubby! YEAH I GOT OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!! whooo hhoooo! Hope you are still doing well! Take care!
  4. Well i pretty much feel the same way I did yesterday... CRAPPY! Didn't get to sleep early either. My insomnia is really bad right now. I'm exhausted but can't sleep. What a combo? lol!!! Hope you are doing ok! We will get through this together! I promise! Take Care! Gentle Hugs!
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