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  1. im 17 years old. i was diagnosed January 12th of this year. I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, but luckily, NO skin reactions ! THANK GOD!
    but i have all internal issues, and it all started with me sleeping all the time, being sore, achy...swollen, and just not myself.
    but it led to having fluid around my heart and lungs, severe arthritis, hair loss, inflammation of both kidneys, enlarged liver, anemia, inflammed lungs, and so much more, everything was going wrong. i went to the doctor, who led me to a rheumy which led me to being admitted to the hospital the day before newyears eve and i was in the hospital for newyears eve too. ugh.
    i take daily vitamin plus extra iron, zantac, prednisone, vitamin D, plaquinel, methotrexate and i also have naproxen and meloxacam just incase...
    i take 7 pills daily, and 14 on sundays. it just suckss. ugh. but i mean im actually very open and happy to talk about everything i've gone thru.
  2. HI Ashley,
    How are ya? Well, I am 33 yrs old and was diag about a month ago with skin lupus. I am totally shocked and like.. what?? I started getting rashes when out in the sun and I just knew something wasnt right with my body; losing hair, minor aches and pains, etc.. something was wrong.. so I went to the doc (couple of them) and yup, ana +, etc. Sucks! Anyways, the rheumy started me on Plaq and so far I have not seen any results yet.. hmmm we'll see. WHen were you diagnosed? I would love to chat more xx
  3. hi there !! nice to meet you! if u don't mindd....tell me your lupus story :]
  4. Hi Ashley, I am new to the board and just wanted to say hi!
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