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  1. MISSING YOU and hoping you are still in REMISSION!!! WOO HOO!!!!! Hope the hubby and kids are GOOD!!!! Love and Hugs Jenny!!!!!!!
  2. HI JENNY!!!!! LOVE YOU and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! Im sure your little ones are going to get lots of presents! XXXXXOOOOOOO
  3. OMG Jenny! 3 and 5! It seems like we were saying BABY BABY BABY just yesterday about your youngest! Of course they will alwasy be YOUR "BABIES" though! You told me to let you know about my problems but i want to hear about YOURS! Has the lupus progressed at all since our last conversation? Please let me know! Im just dealing with what i have to deal with, thats LIFE! Ill let you know how my tests turn out in January. I'll try to tell you more details in a PM when i get on again! LOVE YOU!!!! XXXOOO
  4. HI Love!! So happy to hear from ya! Howve ya been.. cancer? Oh My I had no idea??!! Whats going on with that? Im praying all is okay with that... all is fine here... the fam is good and our kids are 5 and 3 now... growing and growing! Tell me more about whats going on with you medically, please! xx
  5. HI JENNY!!!!! GOSH IM SORRY I HAVENT BEEN AROUND! Ive had some really rough times lately! I have MS now as well as the Sjogrens and Lupus! But Im still trucking along!!!! Woo Hoo to that!!! Drs are still worried about cancer, some tests came back bad 2 weeks ago so i have to go back for more in january. UGH! Im going to still kick and fight though through whatever comes my way! How is your hubby and your itty bittys? They grow so fast huh! HOW ARE YOU? I hope youre well! Please let me know!!!! LOVE and HUGS!!!! Jeannette XXXOOO
  6. HOw are you??
  7. Hi JENNY!!!!!!! OMG! Im so srry i havent been around!!!! Ive been so sick! Ill let you know more later. I have to go to bed. Its so late for me BUT i HAD to come on to say HI to you and my other FRIENDS ive MISSED SO MUCH!!!! Im so happy to hear that the plaquenil is helping you!!!~ WOO HOO to THAT!!!! Im so happy for you Jenny! I know things have been scary for you with th is whole thing. I will catch up with you soon! LOVE YOU!! OH, i almost forgot, how are your little ones? Good i hope! Good holidays? I hope so! TAKE CARE SWEETIE!!!! XXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOO
  8. Just wanted to say HI JENNY!!!!!! Im going to lay down right now, i feel ooky. Im pushing it today since im not much better since last week! Carls getting upset with me about it! LOL LOVED our talk last week!!!!!!! Hope to chat again soon when im better (hopefully! LOL) Please take care of yourself and your PRECIOUS little ones and your hubby of course! LOVE YOU!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  9. HI JENNY! MISS YOU! Im flareing SO BAD right now! UGH! I was in the sun for just a few minutes yesterday and then i cooked something and the SMOKE hit me hard! SMOKE flares me HARD! Its weird. SOOOO, here i am BAD again of course. I was on the couch all weekend and so i wanted to get outside just to feel oneof our last few warm days and now im paying for it. I am so nauseated right now on top of all my other FLARE symptoms. I hope we can catch up soon! IM THINKING of YOU and please TAKE care of YOURSELF! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  10. AWWWW, THANK YOU for your picture comment! I love my gardening! I just had to alter things a bit to keep it going! LOL Hey, you NEED to post some pics! How are YOU feeling today? Anything NEW?
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