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  1. Hey =) My account wasn't working lol I have been relatively ok how about you? Sounds like you've been kind of busy! lol Lately I have been really tired. Have I talked to you since I got my job? I've been working at JCP for the past few months and that has kept me busy. School starts back up next week. Wooo right? lol
  2. Sorry it took so long to get back to you! I feel so horrible about it!! I thought I'd mailed you previously, but I guess I deleted instead of sent it. I was caught up in final exams until the week before chistmas, and haven't been on. Everything here is the same. Oh, I've picked up taxidermy as a potential hobby, so my uncle got me a mouse trap for christmas (he thought it catches them alive, and I didn't have the heart to tell him it doesn't) which I found funny because I don't have mice. Instead, I set a rat trap out back (fruit rats have been eating my oranges again lol) but when I was setting it up, it came down on my index finger. Think I might have fractured it, but I'll have to wait until february to find out. By then, it will have healed already though. If it causes any problems, I'll talk to the rheumy about it.
    Enough about me though. How are you? Have you been well?
  3. Hey how are you?
  4. sorry. My message was 580 words to long, so I mailed it to you instead rofl
  5. I have been busy and not feelling the best sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I hope your classes and everything are going well.
  6. sounds like fun! I'd love to be able to get out early, but I have a bad memory . It's okay though, since I plan to learn tons of things lol. Sounds like you're pretty much the same. I've got 8am and 11am, but the 8am is the wone on saturdays. According to one of the guidance councilers (sorry for the spelling. I can't think) he does a lot of completely outdoors classes, so it should be just fine. Also, I found out today that it was to page 37 or something like that, so I over read. Oh well, less reading to do over the weekend. Hope you don't have too much homework this weekend, since you're taking alot of classes at a time.
  7. My earliest class is at 9 lol Im planning classes for closer to ten or eleven next semester. Because I registered with disability services I get super priority registration so I get to pick before everyone else lol I will not miss out on my Italian class next semester! I will be the first one in it lol and all my lovely bio, chem, and anatomy classes. Im taking as many as possible and getting stuff done. I want to get out a year early. I already have enough classes to make it possible. My biggest project this semester is going to be a 7 page paper I have to interview an international student for and I've been assured its actually a lot of fun so thats not bad lol
  8. XD i wish our school would have done that! I'm going to use the backpack I won for my express class since the book is small and we'll be outdoors alot. The bag is the drawstring bag, so it's waterproof. Everything has the school logo, so I'm happy I got for free what would usually cost between $8 to $15 or so. That'll be helpful since it seems to be raining non-stop this month lol (unusual around here). Oh do I feel you! My Mon. and Wed. classes are at 11am but my express classes start at 8am. Really happy I still have a little while until they start. My teacher has us reading an abridged version of a 100 chapter story from ancient china. We have to read pgs.14-72 and write about the characters and their 'heroic' qualities, all due wednesday. I like the teacher (since this is my third semester with her) but she's such a slave driver sometimes lol.
  9. I've gotten a lof of free stuff lol I tried to win a gas card today but all I got was candy. I won a really nice water bottle I already cracked, a tshirt, and a lot of other random things lol Im so tired. I decided I hate waking up early again and not being able to go back to sleep lol
  10. lol last wednesday as a welcome back, students could do a 4 question servey and in exchange get a shirt, snow cone, popcorn, and backpack. They could choose what they wanted or choose them all. It was pretty cool (never did any of the free activities at the school since they were during my classes). I got everything but the popcorn. It was gone when I got there lol.
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