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  1. Thanks Toni!! I appreciate your support and caring so much. I think menopause might have something to do with my feelings of anger and irritability also. So much crap keeps happening and now this thing with my eyes and the glaucoma......omg I feel like screaming! And I do sometimes!! Scares my cats and my husband ~ lol ~ but I feel like I am going to explode sometimes. I try so hard to put on a happy normal face and not let things get to me but I feel like I've paid my dues over half of my life and I'm sick of it! I just can't fake it and play like nothing is wrong. I just don't know what to do. I would consider seeing a counselor if we had the extra money but we don't. So I am hoping to get some help & support here. I know that you guys understand more than anyone what it's like to be ill for a long period of time....hopefully we can all help each other. Again, thanks for contacting me and for your support. xoxo ~ Julie
  2. Hi porchy
    just wanted to say hello, I used to live in your part of the country (just outside of Chicago for over 25 years). You can always vent with me. I truly understand how you feel.

    Hugs Toni
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