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  1. LOL ~ We didn't win Mega Millions either!!!! What a drag! I was just talking to Larry about that today, told him we need to play lottery games with better odds. I think it would have to be a miracle to win that game. Boy could we use the money! I would be happy to win $1000 bucks, or even $500! Man we need a bail out, LOL......we are so in debt it's sick. Sorry you didn't win, I could have hit you up for a loan! LOL I gotta get to bed. went fine, just a little patch job. LOL Nothing major. Next big doc appt is the eye guy on the 17th......he will tell me whether or not I need glaucoma surgery. I am so scared, I am trying not to think about it. These glaucoma eye drops are making my eyes hurt just like the first ones I tried. I don't know what I am going to do......send me all your positive vibes. Love & Hugs......Julie
  2. Guess who won Mega Millions last night!!!!!!! Did you guess me??? I wish it was me. But unfortunately I didn't have any more than 1 number match in my ticket. Guess I'll just have to go back to my slave job. I mean day job. How are you? How'd it go at the dentist?
  3. Hiya Jules! I saw you on a thread yesterday and thought - oh good, she's back. I miss you on FB already. I didn't realize how much I looked forward to your joke of the day until I didn't have it. I know you've been pretty stressed lately. I'm gonna go see what you wrote in your post. I know you'll be happy you came back here and you can really do both fb and whl. There's plenty of us on here who are addicted to both.
  4. Hiya lunch partner! LOL I just decided to come wander back to this website for a little diversion from FB. I thought I would let you know. I posted something in the New People section last night, and hope to participate further in this forum. I am struggling with some issues, as I'm sure you know.....trying to get things under control....trying not to let my anger control ME.... and also my fear. I look forward to posting and also reading your posts. I need a change. Luv & Hugs......Julie from FB (porchy)
  5. hello there! how are you?
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