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  1. Feel free to ask me, I wish when I was going through that, that I had someone to tell me what to expect. Yes, I did lose some hair, it actually did then pretty bad, and I lost hair more in certain areas, I used to call myself patches, it was an inside joke with some of my friends, you gotta find the humor or the bright side of things to get through this. It does get easie as you get the treatments. Once you have completed the treatment your hair and skin will be sooooooo beautiful, omg. Cytoxan changes your hair texture, it also changes your skin.... In regard to your skin whike you are having the treatment or at least for me my skin turned darker, I went to cytoxan for a year, so your skin may not even be effected. But the hair will fall out, Im sorry about that, yours may not be that bad though like I said you are not undergoing treatment for as long as I did. How do you feel after chemo? really tired? I used to sleep the whole day it really drains you afterwards.
  2. hey Chriss....i just want to say thank you! Im suppose to be doing the cytoxin treatment once a month for 6 months. I currently made it through my first three. I came to find that my hair is just thinning more and more each u think i will lose it all??? And after you went through your treatment did it put your lupus in remission???? I have so many questions i just don't wont to overwhelm you!!
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