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  1. HI DASSAR RN!!!!!! Oh i was so happy to get on here and read your msg to me!!!! Im HAPPY you are feeling a bit better!!!! Have you bought any good books lately? I DO HOPE you are takeing care of yourself because YOU DESERVE THAT you know. Remember to TELL YOURSELF EVERY DAY that YOU ARE IMPORTANT!!!! I know i THINK you ARE!!!!! Please be well and sending you hugs XXXXXXXXX
  2. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and encouragement. I really appreciate it. I am doing much better now. Hope you are doing ok
  3. Just wanted to tell you that you are on my mind and i DO HOPE for you to have a good weekend. GET a good lOVE story to read, AHHHHHH, LA LA LAND is GOOD. LOL You are going to get through this,i know its hard BUT we are here. Gentle HUGS XXXXX
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