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  1. I am glad youre here! I have been battling illness 10yrs now, and misdiaqgnosed 7 of those! lol I was nurse a 18yrs and now cant work due to the wonderful Lupus! I have four kids, and been married 18yrs august.I am 37yrs old. I am glad you found us! Every1 here is a great help. I hope you have a wonderful Dr. Hugs Kathy
  2. Thanks Kathy!! I am not excited to have Lupus, but I am so glad there are people like you here to help me through!! I am not sure what type of information people share on this, but I love getting to know new people. I live in Iowa. I love it here!! I was diagnosed with Lupus the day after Michael Jackson died. I look at it as two tragic events for the entire world! I see a specialist on August 3rd, and that can not come soon enough as I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! I have 2 kids and a super amazing husband!!! I work full time and love my job and hate being away from my kids at the same time! Looking forward to getting to know you!!!
  3. Welcome to the site! Hugs Kathy
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