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  1. AWWW,THANK YOU SO MUCH for that SWEET message!!! I hope i CAN make people feel at least a touch better! Yeah, its hard sometimes because i can have some pretty bad flares BUT THIS SITE and THESE WONDERFUL people are MY PICK ME UP as well!!! Just getting that msg from YOU BRIAN made me FEEL SO HAPPY! YOU put a BIG SMILE on my face when i read it!! I know this illness SUCKS, BUT, I think part of MY THERAPY is to HELP OTHERS get through it as well. Thank you again and i DO HOPE for YOU to have A good weekend. HUGS to YOU Brian XXXXXX
  2. Jeanette,
    just a note to say that I love your enthusiasm and positive attitude!! Even when you are flaring, you always brighten people's day. Thank you for that.
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