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  1. Im doing much better emotionally...... physically, Ive been better but Im still blessed. Thanx for checking on me I hope all is well with you too. Have a good holiday.

  2. Hope all is well. hugs kathy
  3. You could have an ulcer from cellpept, prednisone etc.. That feels like a gnawing bad painin stoach, or in esophagus area. I am sorry you hurt! I would like us all to feel better! Tired of this crap! I guess im getting off here. I hope you feel better soon!
  4. Cellcept has got my hair so fried! that my hubby made a comment that i need to cut it because i dont brush it! i wanted to punch him in nose!
  5. I am so sorry sweetie! Do you know whats the matter with your stomach? I hate this freaking disease! hugs Kathy
  6. Thx, I'm glad I found u guys!!
  7. Welcome to the group! Hugs Kathy
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