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  1. I LOVE PUPPIES!!!! I usually volunteer on Friday nights at a dog shelter but the humidity and allergies and sinus infections this summer has me staying away right now. I am doing well atm. Thank you for asking. I've never been to MO but I can imagine it must get really hot in the summers.
  2. Hey Sandy just stopped in to see how youre feeling ,weve been busy getting puppies ready to go to new homes 1 left saturday 2 today and we have 2 more shih tzus ready in a few weeks ,plus our toy poodle had 3 shih poos so we have had our hands full but once these are gone thats it no more puppies,i hope youve been doing well its just been so hot here in MO that my wife hasnt been outside much,she just cant take the heat anymore,well drop a line if you have time,bye
  3. That is wonderful news about your wife! God bless! I am doing well too - wasn't so good the last few weeks but the humidity finally broke and I can breathe again without that wet blanket feeling. Gonna see my family for the 4th. I hope you have some good holiday plans too.
  4. Hi Sandy were doing good the wife just went to her rheumy and he said everything ok shes off her blood pressure meds and she gets a little more use from her right arm after being paralyzed by the stroke ,how have you been hope all is well with you
  5. hi! how are you? how's your wife?
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