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  1. Don't get me started on those pharmacy companies and insurance! They really know how to make me see red. I am currently fighting with them for filling a perscription for less days then my plan allows and then charging me for the full amount of days.
    I completely understand about needing the warmer weather to come and get you motivated to move. I can't wait till it's go for a walk every weekend weather. I went for a short and slow 3 mile walk this weekend - first in a really long time - and it felt good but it also made me really tired.
  2. Thanks for checking on me. I am not really sure how I am doing. I don't have any motivation and I just checked at the pharmacy for a rx fill and I about s^%t when they told me $154.00, not good without insurance. I seem to be down all the time. Hopefully when the weather turns a little nicer I can get out and go for walks with out freezing my tail off.
  3. Hi Jim! So nice to see you on here. How are you? How've you been feeling? Sandy
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