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  1. Hi there! Been thinking of you lately with all this coverage of the Greek banks financial crisis on the news. Where I work, we have MSNBC or CNBC on all day so I have been hearing it and thinking of you the last couple of days. How are you? I know you have a lot of exciting things going on right now. How are you feeling? All packed for Greece? I am so jealous! Santori is definately on my travel wish list. One day *sigh*.
  2. I think it's more like wilted celery at times! Sometimes I think if I were someone else seeing me and not really knowing anything, I would just think I was a very lazy person, which I can be but not when I am feling well. I saw you pic with you and the cats on the couch with the laptop and blankie and pj's and thought oh wow! that's me!
  3. I can only image that the poor girl is ready to go and be a mommy. like my mom says, all good things worth having are worth waiting for.
  4. Sandy,
    No, the grandbaby isn't here yet. Meg is at that point where she just wants him out! We'll see how much longer she lasts.
    Jeff has one more exam to go. So far, he keeps getting the highest grade in the class on most tests, so I expect that he will have all As.
  5. is your new grandbaby here? how are you? how'd Jeff do in school this semester?
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