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  1. Hello Sandy,
    Sorry to hear you going through a rough patch and you've broken your toe i bet that hurt besides having the nail removed and now the swelling wow help much.
    I'm the same as usual aching alot but i've noticed in a week how my memory is getting worse plus spelling and having to re-check and to top the lot i always cover myself if i sit outside for 10mins the most it's crucified my skin the heat as, thank goodness i see the dermo tomorrow and hopefully new steroid creams as i've had 4mths break like he asked.

    Rest up mate and i wish you all the best with what you've got going on and plus a good recovery with your toe. xxx
  2. Hi hun, Thanks for checking on me. I'm ok. Going through a bit of a rough patch with some stuff. Nothing that isn't good in the long run. Also broke a toe and had to have that nail removed. My feet are not happy about that and have been swelling. Other than that, all's good. How are you?
  3. Hi Sandy,

    I hope your doing fine and not in to much pain? have a nice weekend mate and all my love Terri xxx
  4. Hi Sandy,
    Yes that's my staff mate bruno he'll be 5yrs old in april, he's my 3rd male staff and i'm also with a worldwide staffysite and i bet that occupied your time baby sitting a rottie as well call
    I'm not with facebook sorry mate, i've had that many ask me but still wow join.

    Enjoy your weekend xxx
  5. awwww! thanks! is that your puppy? are you on my fb? i was puppy sitting for a rotty this week. his parents just got home last night. how are you?
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