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  1. I woke up today all puffed up =( I thought I might be getting another ulcer and I definately have one now. First snow came today =( and with it came a flare up. My hands are so unmanagable during the winter.
  2. I know it's a really hard thing to do, especially in college, but try to stick to a bedtime that is consistent. At least 8 hrs a night. I find if I don't go to bed by 11 and go to sleep right away, I am a wreck and drained all the next day. Also, be sure to drink lots of fluids, especially now that cold and flu season are here, and wash your hands so you don't catch anyone else's unwanted bugs. If you are able to, take a nap between classes. Even a 20 minute lap will do a lot for you. More than anyone else, you really need to try to keep up on eating well, resting well, taking your vitamins, excersizing and hydrating. I remember when I was in school how hard that was, but this is what we need when we have horrible immune systems to keep us healthy.
  3. I agree. School is going well. Trying not to stress too much. I've been so tired I've been falling asleep in classes though and I havent done that in years. I feel like Im never rested anymore.
  4. I'm so glad to hear that. Shingles would not be fun at Christmastime. How's school going?
  5. Thank goodness it is clearing up. Still kind of itchy but it doesnt look like that anymore.
  6. Hey Ritz! How's that rash? Is the medicine clearing it up?
  7. oh! *smacks head* your welcome. love the foggyness!
  8. Your comments on my prom pictures lol
  9. you're welcome. what are you thanking me for? LOL
  10. Thank you =)
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