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  1. Noo we have not got married, we will do and have been talking about plans etc, just soo much going on in our lives atm one hundred things to sort out.
    yes she is wearing an eye patch i was just being sarky on last message lol,
  2. LOL - I was thinking of the eye patch. You said she was wearing one, yes? They're so annoying to wear. I used to have to wear one as a child...maybe that's why I was never a huge pirate person...
    I'm LOVING my niece to pieces. She's getting so big so fast. When I see her next she'll be crawling. I definitely wish I could freeze her in time and keep her sweet and innocent and little forever but I know from my older nieces and nephew that the real fun only comes after they develop their sense of themselves and start exploring the world. Thanks for asking!
    How about you? What's new? I think I saw on FB that you guys got married, yes?
  3. haha well ermm...dunno wot u mean!
    makes me laugh her doing a pirate impression coz it sounds like a farmer impression
    but coz of her deafness she hasnt got a clue wot im on about lol!
    oh the fun we have i tell ya...never a dull moment!
    hows that ickle neice of ures? ive been following her progress on ure fb
    shes got soo big, bet u love having her though, the priceless moments
    bet u wanna keep her young forever xx
  4. that's excellent news! except for the eye bit. Unless you think pirates are, arrrrggghhhhh-sexy...
  5. its good to kno the weather is getting better, we are having some sunny days too, please no more snow, i dont like it!
    Norma has injured her eye little shaneo scratched her eyeball in an excitable way and she is now half blind but looks like a pirate hehe,
    mj out of hosp got a pre op appointment at end of march RE his leg, and he had his peg op yesterday and was out same day so thats good and he can eat again,
  6. Doing great! The weather seems to have broke and that is really helping me to feel better. How's Norma and the boys? Is MJ still in the hospital?
  7. Im great thanx hun, how are you?
  8. hiya Janie dear! How are you?
  9. Well good evening to you,
    how be things? xxx
  10. hiiiiiii!!!!!!
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