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  1. no sandy still working on getting stephens machine and packing slow due to poor health spending easter with my motherinlaw she had heart attack 2 weeks ago and is not well so i have been trying to help her the best i can. talk to you soon hugs kim l
  2. Happy Easter to you too, Kim! I hope you have plans for a good day. Are you doing anything special? I think I am going to my cousins. She is a town over from me. How is your move coming along? Have you found a way to get some assistance for Stephen's machine?
  3. happy easter my friend all the way from australia wish you a good day hugs kim l
  4. hi sandy just checking in to see how you are i hope you are feeling well my friend and to let you know looks like they have found a new house for me with shower and ramps suppose to move in 3 weeks i am crossing my fingers till then that it does happen thinking of you hugs kim l
  5. hi sandy yes i have photos of pest roblem took pictures of beds and the bugs and have put some in jar have also took pictures of my daughters rash have letter from doctor of health problems. mikaela is suffering form anxiety caused from being bullied and where we live and also because of her worry about me the doctor wants to put her on anxiety medication i am a little scared of taking this drastic step. stephen is still suffering affects of ross river fever. and i am flaring at the moment thankyou for your concern my friend hope you have great day love and hugs kim l
  6. I am glad to hear that Joshua found a job and Sarah is well. I hope the hospital goes well today. How's the River Ross fever? I think the housing dept should pay too but before they do that, they should move you or the new stuff will have the same old problem. Do you have a camcorder? Perhaps you can send that housing minister a video letter. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and if they aren't willing to come to the apt to see, maybe you can bring the apt to them.
  7. hi sandy not good had to remove all bedroom furniture we are sleeping on lounges because of bug problem this is making me extremely tired mikaela goes to childrens hospital today to see physiciatrist for councelling joshua finally found job and will be moving out soon into his own place, sarah is doing alright at the moment, still fighting goverment housing spoke to office of housing minister yesterday they are looking into my complaint meanwhile we are getting sick. and the cost of having to replace furniture will be strain have been told that i should make goverment housing pay for replacement so we are looking into that. thankyou for your support my friend i hope you are feeling well have a great day always good to talk to you love and hugs kim l
  8. I think you might be onto something with that chemical idea! I know that certain chemicals make me feel unwell too. How goes the fight with the housing people and the kids and Steven and you?
  9. the roof! what next?!? my God it doesn't seem to end for you. I just wish I could move you and your family to a beautiful safe new home with the wave of my wrist. If only that would work. I know it' hard, but keep up the spirits and the fight. Something has to happen for the good soon. I just can't not believe that is true.
  10. hi sandy thanks for message trying to keep spirits up think i am in severe flare right now and to top things off roof started leaking on the weekend. my body is very fatigued having trouble walking very tired and dizzy hope you are feeling well and having pain free day always good to hear from you my friend i will hang in there have not much choice love kim l
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