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  1. Hi Kim! How are you? How's things going with the family?
  2. sorry sandy you are still having fatigue and aching the cold and hot weather does it for me hopefully you will feel bettter soon my friends hugs kim l
  3. So it poured here today. Buckets and buckets for hours on end. Guess I should've expected that the weather was bringing in a storm because that always sets me back a day or so with fatigue and just makes all my joints scream from pain. I hope you had a good Sunday. At least one where things were calm compared to late.
  4. sorry to hear you had adown day try and rest hugs kiml
  5. I'm doing good. Had a down day. Just tired. Most probably because I. Was up till the wee hours talking and laughing with one of my best friends on the phone. I'm sorry to hear they haven't found a way to make Sarah feel better yet. Poor thing. I can just imagine how stressed and exhausted you and Stephen must be feeling. I hope the rehab will work this time for your son but I also hope and pray that he really wants it to work.
  6. hello sandy good to talk to you sarah is seeing numerous specialist at moment heart specialist, neuro, urologist, gyno, bladder not emptying properly, heart racing, and taking seizures, and endometrosis, it has been stressful. stephen has hurt his back and hardly walking. joshua is going to another rehab program monday hopefully this will work and i am fed up and am flaring bad have spent last few days in bed in between doctors appointments having burning and electric shocks in legs as well as fatigu and swelling. anyway enough about me how are you my friend i hope you are alright please let me know if you need to talk i am always here for you my dear friend luv and hugs kim l
  7. hello my friend! How's sarah? how are you?
  8. Merry Christmas!!!! Hope you had a great day. So nice to see your face on here.
  9. merry christmas sandy and happy holidays hugs kim l
  10. dear sandy yes we have had shocking hot weather but are getting some relief in last couple of days i am sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell my friend i hope things get better with you soon i will be thinking of you take care of yourself i will be thinking of you my dear friend lots of love and hugs kiml
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