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  1. Hey there...getting worried about you. Everything OK?
  2. Hey's life treating you?
  3. Hey there? Are you well? Thinking about you. Jana
  4. Checking to see how you are doing.
  5. Just checking in on you.....
  6. I am so sorry you are not feeling well. Please take care. Hopefully, they will get this figured out very soon. I'll keep you in my prayers.
  7. Thank you..I came back from Colorado and then my head started to hurt extremely bad so my doctor admitted me to the hospital i have been here since wednesday and they are still trying to figure out why my head is hurting..gave me morphine iv drip its the only thing that helped and steriods in my iv but i cant tell if its made a difference. I'm just tired and frustated and sick of stupid people.
  8. Just checking in on you. Hope you are feeling well today. Take care...
  9. I totally understand. The depression is like a fire-breathing dragon sometimes! It seems profound, unreal, and keeps burning long after you think you have it beat. But you will make it through this. And when the going gets tough, come to the forum. I have found that the more I participate here, the more I am personally healed. PM me anytime you need a friend.
  10. Awww..that made me cry. Thank you for your's just hard sometimes because I haven't met anyone who i feel really wanted to try and understand so thinking about a guy who would really want to put up with me brings me down sometimes. but I will try to stay more positive because this flare too will pass.

    I am trying to concentrate on my health and feeling better but when I have a flare my
    depression always seems to get the best of me with all these crazy thoughts in my head.
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