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  1. wow 90 is alot!! i thought 40 was high! haha.
    yeah honestly, i didn't care about the side effects, because i was in such bad shape ! prednisone made me feel brand new! even tho i had puffy cheeks and ate non-stop! haha
    the only thing that made me really mad tho, is that it ruined my hair ! it used to be soo thick and healthy looking-but now its like...thinner and breaks easy
  2. Yeah i know exactly what you mean about people pinching the puffy cheeks!! It's been
    awhile since I've had puffy cheeks...for some reason I want to say they started me on 90mg of prednisone bu but it could have been more or alittle less it was a long time ago but they wanted to treat my kidney disease aggresively so I was also on Neoral which was awful but I've only taken prednizzle about 2 since then because I hated the side effects so I kind of choose not to take it...I dont know if thats a bad choice or not.
  3. haha yeah im not too worried about the puffy cheeks. everyone loves them on me! i guess cuz when i got sick, my face sunk in kinda? but haha i think the only thing thats bad about the puffy cheeks is that everyone is always pinching them!
    but i know what you mean, my picture thats in the yearbook this year, looks soo much different then what i look like now !
    what did they start you on, when you started prednisone? i started on 40 mg.
  4. Sorry for the out of nowhere message I have read a few of your posts and I just read the message Tasha wrote below me and she is right dont worry about that at all because as I can see from your pictures you're a beautiful girl even if you have alittle puff goin' on.

    I first got sick in 2004 when I was in 8th grade they put me on a HUGE dose of prednisone and boy its amazing how much my physical changed...the pictures from the
    first day of 8th grade and the day of my graduation I look like a completely different person..I'll have to scan them and show you..there is about 2 or 3 years of my life
    since then that have NO pictures because I wouldnt let anyone take any because of how bloated and "tomato faced" as I was and now I feel I shouldve let them be taken

    Just remember that no matter how the pictures look the puff will go away and even if
    you don't feel beautiful on the outside at that moment know that you are 3 times as beautiful on the inside.
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