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  1. Just checking in to tell you howdy! Hugs kathy
  2. Giving you a big (((((((hug))))))) my friend Kathy
  3. Youre always welcome! and thanx 4 your responses too! i am sorry i got whine bag!haha I try to stay silly, about stuff, but even clowns have sad days! lol HUGS HUGS HUGS Kathy ps? were u drinking sports drink outside with swollen face? just wondering. if not its just our nagging but friend Lupus!! haha
  4. There isnt a exact test for pleurisy, they go by symptoms, and alot of times they listen for a rub sound in your chest.Sometimes if its really bad it could show up on CT as shadow, but usually in my case not. Even if they dont treat you for it you can take Ibueprofen*(with food since its hard on stomach) thats about all they would do for that or costochondritis, anyways. I hope u get a nice dr. They have always been butts to me!lol Good luck Hugs Sweetie Ps. if you have stomach problems be careful with any anti inflammatory,(asprin,or ibueprophen ect)
  5. Hi Kathy, I received your message.
    I'm not on any medication only Seretide that the Lung Specialist gave me and Diclofenac and Ogastro for the stomach. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the Internal Specialsit. Can he also perform a test to see if it's pleurisy? Thank you for cxontacting me. Hugs. Margie
  6. Hope you feel better soon! Hugs kathy
  7. Welcome to the forum! Hugs to u! Kathy
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