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  1. Yes, I am not looking forward to the progression of my diseases (I also have RA and Psoriatic Arthritis...I know, I'm a train wreck) and having to explain them to Annie. She's a very empathetic kid...she knows when I have a flare or when I'm not doing well. Sadly, she's never SEEN me completely well. Thankfully, my husband is healthy as a horse, and has more than enough energy to wear her out when he gets home from work. I will have to find some shaded playgrounds nearby for us to go to...all the ones I know of are either in full sun, or so far back from the road I wouldn't feel comfortable going alone....sigh.

    How did you explain your illness to your daughter? Were you specific with your explanation? I'd love some pointers...because Annie is starting to ask questions, and I just don't know what to say...

  2. 3 for our little girl was fun, even then she was such a little daddy's girl, she is 7 now, doing well, with every thing I am going thru she is such an understanding child, doesn't want to see daddy sick. I used to be able to go out side for all kinds of activities with her. it is cute to watch her try to help me up when I am all stiff. I must say God has blessed us with her. have a good rest of the weekend.
  3. Hello Jim! Yes, that's my Annie...she's 3 going on 30. They say to reduce your stress when you have Lupus...whoever said that must not have had a toddler. Great to meet you...looking forward to getting to know you better!!
  4. Good morning Carrie, you and I have danced around on some of the same threads, I just thought I would introduce my self, JIm. Is this youre daughter in the picture? Cute little girl. Hope the wedding turns out wonderfull.
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