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  1. Ha ha hi, I just saw you in the 'teen' section, I'm a newbie here. And I laughed when I saw your avatar! It is so great, and it looks like something I would draw ha ha >w<. Though when I read about you a bit, I saw you were the same age as me with the whole lupus and all, which I was like, "Awesome!" Not for the lupus and what not, but just that I found someone else my age with it ha ha. Not to mention, with the made art skill *thumbs up* I really adore your profile picture as well, it is very pretty. Wwwweeeelllllppppp, if you'd like to talk I'd be more then happy to chat with you some time :]. I just found our recently I had lupus D: and it felt like the doc kinda' ripped the rug out from under my feet ya know?
    Okie dokie then, speak with you later *perhaps* ha ha,
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