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  1. I'll definitly try it out. Even though you say I don't have to, I thank you anyway. Yeah, sometimes I just want to cut off my arm. LOL. I'm sorry that it effects you so badly. Also, I'm really happy that you are feeling better. Hope you stay healthy!
  2. That's lame that they don't know what to do. Maybe try some Absorbine Jr. for some temporary relief? I use it when my joints or legs are being particularly evil and it helps quite a bit for me. It's a lot more effective than Bengay.

    You don't have to thank me. But I'm glad I could give you a pick-me-up. =]
  3. Hi Jerzi.
    I've talked to several doctors about it, but they don't know what they can do. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I've been a little down lately, and you gave me a pick-me-up. Thanks again.
  4. Hey, wolfwhisper.
    I just noticed that you replied to my little blog post, and its lame that you can relate. No one should know that feeling.
    I'm sorry to hear that your right arm has been plaguing you. Have you spoken to your doctor about it?
    Hopefully, the pain subsides soon. =[

    Hope you're feeling well
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