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  1. MISSING you! Hows Levis? How are YOU? How is EVERYTHING? Please be well. XXXOOO
  2. THINKING of YOU and hopeing you are well Beckey HUGS XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  4. JUST wanted to tell you that i want to HUG and SQUEEZE ALL of your FURRY BABIES!!!! I just looked at them AGAIN and TOO FRIGIN CUTE!!!!! MISS YOU!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  5. HEY YOU!!! Ive been so sick so ive missed alot on here but i am thinking about you and i hope you and the family are doing ok!!!! Hows school going for Levis? How are you and the hubby? Please be well and im sending you HUGSXXXXXXXXXXX
  6. Hey stranger. MISS YOU. ARE YOU OK? I HOPE SO. Hows Levis and school? IS he happy to be back? Hows your health been lately? Hows youre swelling? Just know that i am thinking about you,ok? Love and hugsXxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. Just wanted to say HELLO and i hope the familys doing well!!!! Miss you and i hope YOU are ok Beckey. I do hope you arent having some rough days. When does Levis go back to school? Hows the whole insurance thing coming along? I hope you are doing as best you can with your meds.Thinking of you and sending you hugs XXXXXX
  8. LOL MY daughters been trying to get me on that forever BUT i truely dont have the desire to do it cuz this site is where i truely FEEL BETTER when i am on it. I honestly DONT want to and i dont see having the time to. I cant even get on here as much as i would like to. I think that would just be stressful for me to be on facebook. I wasnt even a computer person BEFORE my LUPUS. My clients always thought it was neat that i wrote out all of their programs instead of going through the computer. I wouldnt have gotten on ANY site if it werent for LUPUS. I am so HAPPY to have met you and my other friends on here, its been a blessing. I like keeping the people i bond with limited to here because i truely feel i couldnt get to know my TRUE FRIENDS as well if i had a LARGE group of them. I know everyones different, thats just how I feel. WOW, bet you werent expecting that long answer! LOL Can you tell im tired?! LOL That really should have been a simple "NO". LOL Going to bed soon! LOL NIGHT!
  9. LOl YUP I SMILED ON THAT ONE TOO!!!!!! TO FUNNY!!!!! Ill give them a BARE butt with you!!!!!! TAKE THAT!!! LOL Two bare butts are better than one!!!! LOL Im heading to bed soon so i hope to talk to you again soon!!!!! YOu know im here if you need me!!!!!!! Well, sometimes im here! LOL Take care and im hopeing tomorrow is a better day for you!!!!!!! HUGS and LOVE!!XXXXXX
  10. Jeannette are you on Face Book?
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