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  1. Seriously. I mean, we all have our issues and sh** we have to deal with, but you have it head and shoulders above a lot of people. And you're right, it's not about growing up... its about trying to accept this crap hand of cards you've been given. And even "grown ups" can't do that. Why would a teenager, who thought they had their whole life in front of them, be able to? Are you going to be spending more time away from him now that you're going to college? Maybe he's stressed and worried about you, because he wont be able to be there as often. Have you told him that you cant handle fighting with him when you're so stressed? Maybe you guys can just try to lay it all aside and be goofy lovebirds for a week. Easier said than done, I know.
  2. Lol I talk alot too its all good. Its like no one including him had to go through so much stuff at 18. I bet Im handling it alot better than they would even at their age. They act like I just need to grow up. Its not a matter of growing up. I'd like to tell my mom at 40 to just grow up. My boyfriend is usually pretty understanding, though he always has his moments. We've been together since about 6 months after I was diagnosed, and we've been friends for much longer. He's been driving me insane alot lately about a lot of things. I hope that we get through it. I cant handle us fighting like this right at the beginning of college.
  3. He can't blame you for being sick though. It's not like you asked for it. And you would be sick whether you took meds or not.. youre just a little worse. Everybody makes mistakes though, and we should all be allowed to. Especially when dealing with something this crappy.

    You start school next week?? Thats pretty exciting (: I'd be nervous off my ass. I hope it goes well and the campus isn't too big.

    Wow. I wrote so much I have to split it up into two. Go ahead and tell me if I talk too much!!! hehe
  4. I'll actually do that as well - try to sleep off the pain. Of course i do that with everything, not just headaches, lol.
    Sigh..sounds like he's really frustrated You were right when you said he doesn't understand... he really just can't. Also, being sick for longer and knowing its not going to go away is a little bit different from being extremely sick. I mean, take when you have a cold. In all honesty, it's not that bad, but if you have that cold for 5 days you start to get really frustrated. It's not that much pain or fatigue, but even for just 5 days it sucks. Now imagine living with that every single day... well, of course, you don't have to. Which sucks.
  5. I've been sleeping just because my head hurts. For once Im not actually fatigued or anything Im just trying to sleep off headaches. I havent really told anyone but my bf that I've been feeling like crap and he's just being very stupid about everything lately. He knows I went off my pills and cant understand it and wants to blame me for being sick right now and tell me that other people have it worse off. Thats usually when I blow up at people. I dont need to be compared to a cancer patient, we both suffer in different ways. You cant compare apples to oranges. URG. I am looking forward to school next week for the sole fact that I can ignore everyone while Im in class and such.
  6. Thaaats kind of stupid. But I guess everyone gets frustrated with their situations... especially when their situation involves having a chronic illness, or someone you care about with one. Good news is that gas should be going down soon. Crude has been dropping cost like crazy. It's like a month delay or something before the prices change though.
    I really hope your headaches stop or at least get a little better soon. I really think pain that doesn't stop is worse than bad pain that's short. Drives you crazy.
  7. I "spend all his money" even though I never spend his money. Gas is just expensive. He doesnt even get me food half the time when we hang out anymore. I dont have a job. I cant pay for things. Not eating makes my headaches worse.
  8. Well that sucks. Why's that/how so?
  9. My boyfriend has been acting like a complete jerk.
  10. Meeeee too.
    I don't know how it could be your fault, though.
    I say you should enlist your boyfriend to piggyback you around the campus, hehe.
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