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  1. It's still better than failing altogether. It's not your fault, and knowing that is what's most important.
    Men's best successes come after their disappointments. - Henry Ward Beecher
  2. But if I do bad this term it'll bring down my overall grade when I had like a's and b's the begining of the year
  3. They should at least look at and include your previous grades though. I'd imagine that would make a greater impact rather than this single grading period. I hate how stupid the school can be about these things.
  4. I just cant keep up with things at all. Its going to be a miracle that I pass this term.
  5. No kidding. My dad's like, "well, as long as you try". Same way I think of it. As long as it's at least a C I'm happy. Of course, if it's an A, I'm extatic. Especially in math lol. At least it's almost over! It will be such a relief to have a break from studying. After exams it's a breeze. For me, it was pretty much all preperation and the scrapbook assignment. Hope it's the same for you too (the scrapbook was fun, so it didn;t really feel like an assignment though lol)
  6. Thats not bad at all! At least you didnt fail right? lol I have one more exam next week and then Im done, even though I'll still have 2 weeks left. Ughh
  7. It's fine. School is important, so don't worry about it. I got a C on my math exam and still waiting on my Ethics.
  8. Sorry I disappeared I've been dealing with a lot of junk this past week. How'd you do on your finals?
  9. XD I bet you do a whole lot better than me. I know what you mean. I'd mess up in my french class for the same reason. Funny thing is, my teacher kept telling me that canadians in Toronto and anywhere closer to quebec only spoke French. I made a fool of myself in the airport while trying to ask for directions. I asked "Parle vouz englais?" the women responded "I'm sorry, I don't speak french". I love that she answered my question without even understanding it. I'm stressed about tomorrow since both of my finals are one after the other. Especially math since she only drops the lowest grade if it helps your score, but the exam grade stays. Not to mention that I lost my ethics papers so I didn't get to read them. PS. I'm amazed. the beetle's still alive. XD I had to move it to the kitchen last night because I was afraid of getting nightmares after listening to it scratch at the glass before going to bed.
  10. Eww I dont like beetles lol I have no faith that I'm going to get a good grade in any of my classes or do well on my AP tests. The first one is in two days. I really dont even want to take it its just going to stress me out. My speaking part of the test is going to recorded silence then "no hablo espanol" lol because I never know how to answer quickly to the prompts. I can read write and understand spanish but cant speak it at all. What does that say about how people are teaching spanish these days? lol what good does reading spanish do for me.
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