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  1. My cat fell out of my boyfriends apartment window and dislocated its leg and had to have surgery to get it fixed. Was VERY stressed about it but she's all fixed up now =) Im so happy that your finally going on your trip! I hope its tons of fun!
  2. I'd rather you worry about your cat over me lol. wow, that's harsh. It's far from the same I can empathize the feeling of being left behind, although mine was no secret and I had to stay to watch the dogs and cats. My parents ended up working and babysitting, so I was lucky there. At least you had your cat to care for though. Happy to hear it's home and that you are feeling better. What happened to it? Nothing serious I hope. Also, I'm fine. My grandma is driving me nuts, but today wasn't as bad as usual. 4 days until I board a flight to 3 weeks in NJ so I can hold out unless I die of excitement. I have my anti-inflamatory and other meds packed up, so I'm already set. Only need to get a carry on bag to put laptop, camera, and meds in and throw my bathing suit into luggage and I'm all set. I'm nervous about meeting the rest of the family (or rather a large portion of it) on my mom's side. Sorry for rambling, but I can't contain the excitement.
  3. I got it from a thread on here =) And yes it has gotten better. My cat got really hurt and then my family went on a secret vaca without me and I was really upset. But I dont care about them and my cat is home now. Thank god. How have you been?
  4. I'm sorry to hear it. Has it gotten any better? I've been working on cross-stitch for my sister, so I haven't been on for about the last week.....I think lol.
    by the way, Io read your lupus post. thanks for putting it up. it is soo true.
  5. Yay thats awesome lol I've been having a really bad week =(
  6. Yay! The internet is back and running much better. They'll be running a new line under the house so that we get a better connection because the connection we've got right now is all over the place.
  7. I'm fine, you? I've been meaning to mail you to ask, but my internet is running really slow. It takes forever to load youtube or anything else. This page alone took about a minute and a half, rather than the usual few seconds. It's getting irritating. Right now, I'm trying to figure out if I should take humanities or a science class along with the computer class I've decided to take. I figure that doing this, I get one easy A and can spend more time studying for the harder class. Also, I got a lecture from my dad last night on the pains of unrequetted love when I mentioned that my friend is asking me to date him again. Other than this drama, everything's been going pretty good. While I hope you have enough drama to keep you satisfied and on your toes, I hope it isn't enough to stress you out to the point of ripping out your hair lol. Can't wait to hear back from you xp
    PS. hope your having a good time on summer break. Enjoy what you've got before you move on to college.
  8. How are you?
  9. Thank you =) I would be worn out too! She better be kissing your butt for helping her so much lol hope you get some good sleep and your hip feels better.
  10. oh my goodness! Those are really wonderful pictures! I only got one special picture (a butterfly too) the other day. I'll post it as soon as I can.

    sorry again. Finally finished her room today. Tomorrow I have to go with her again to do something (already forgot what it was lol). Right now though, I'm heading to bed. I'm tired and my hips hurt.
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