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  1. I cant be on my feet, cant be near a window, cant need 100% concentration for up the 8 hours straight. I worked fast food last year and learned that it didnt work well for me. I cant be cold becuz of my raynauds. Im sorry your not feeling so hot. Im not either. Im hoping to fall asleep early tonight since I didnt sleep at all last night.
  2. I need to find one that doesn't include turning around a lot or noisy (any time of restaurant is out). It seems to cause dizziness, blackouts, headaches, and migraines. Also, wherever I work will have to have cold air condition otherwise I get heatsick after a while. I'm going to try getting a job at the vets office nearby as a receptionist since it's mostly phonecalls, computer/desk work, and meanial chores. Haven't filled out a form yet, especially since I'm getting ready to go on vacation. My fear has been realized. it's either a migrain or eye strain, but either way, I can't sleep it off. >_> I can't take naps up there and I'm trying to get used to it now. When I get back though, I'm going to nap like I've never napped before lol.
  3. I feel you there. I wish I could get some sleep. Thats usually how I am but today Im running on no sleep, am tired, but cant fall asleep. I dont know if I have a favorite lol I like them all. I just took excedrin for a headache too lol a vacation would be so much fun! I am trying to get a job right now at a survey place so I just have to sit at phone and call people for 4 hours.
  4. I wonder why? lol. My favorite is the zebra swallow tail and the Emperial Monarch. Maybe someday we can vacation together. Depends on what you'd be up to and how you felt, but we'd have a great time no matter what. I need to get a job first just took a tylenol for a minor headache, but I thought it might turn into a migrain. lol my mom thought about it and told me I need about 12 hours of sleep a day. I go to bed around 8pm and wake up around the same time the next morning, and it turns out that my sister's baby is on the same schedual lol. Only problem is that I have to fight to stay awake during the day.
  5. I just saw the pics you put on of that room lol I just posted on here about the facebook page. I wish I could come with you too it would be such a fun adventure! lol I cant wait to see your pictures! I just put some up the other day of the butterfly show I went to 4 times lol I have a problem when it comes to butterflies! lol
  6. XD wish I could bring you with me. I would if I could. Might go to the Poconos (hope I spelled that right lol) in Pennsylvania for one of the weekends. going to take pictures galore^^
  7. Just checked it out! Great job!
  8. I didnt sleep last night and am just having a bad day. Your trip sounds so exciting I cant wait to see pictures of it on your awesome new camera! I am jealous I wish I was going somewhere this summer =)
  9. oh man. Happy to hear that it's safe and home again. I bet it's happy too! I know what you mean about the stress though. Yeah, I'm so psyched about the trip. My mom said she's going to go through my bag to make sure I don't forget anything lol. I bet she'll be the one to forget something XD. I'll add pictures and videos to facebook as I get them so you can see everything that's going on. I can't wait to meet my niece for the fisrt time! It's going to be a blast. I've never had a problem with my sister since I met her sewveral years ago. No fights or anything I read your chat message. Is everything alright? I hope whatever's bothering you stops soon so that you can enjoy your summer vacation.
  10. You should check out a facebook page I made called teens with lupus.
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