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  1. Sorry it's late, I tried to send you a letter earlier, but the site was down for a bit and I was busy packing afterward. I don't think I've heard about the vampire one yet but if one's about vampires, I want to see it! lol. I'm into the paranormal since I like to think that there are some things that we don't understand like ghosts, and things like that. I'm a wolf fanatic so of course werewolves are my favorite. lol. I want to see Brothers too. It looks really good, and quite sad. I only know that things like that really happen and it hurts everyone related to the families. My friend's old teacher was said to have died in twice in the Vietnam War. It was only on the military records, but can you imagine if his family got a letter before he got home? Anyway, I hope you get to see them soon. If you get to see Brothers, let me know how it is OK? I've been antsy about it since the ads for it started. lol.
  2. I think that looks funny too lol I want to see brothers and that new vampire movie. But I dont think that one comes out for another month or something like that
  3. I wish. Hope it comes with working batteries (be careful of what you wish for) lol! Yeah, I like them too. I used to watch every movie until I could memnorize every song and knew the characters from top to bottom. I probably used to sing the songs from the time I got up, to the time I went to bed.
    I really want to see 'Did you hear about the Morgans'. I like Hugh Grant. It's PG-13, but it looks funny. I think the rating is due to rude humor.
  4. Well maybe you'll get one for your birthday or something lol I want to go see that lol I love kid movies
  5. Happy you got a camera that works nicely, even if it wasn't the one you were expecting (wanting). As long as it takes good pictures then it's great. I'm the only one in my house that doesn't have a camera. lol. I wanted one that took 'perfect' pictures since I'm going to an interim and I wanted to take nice pictures of the wildlife. Sorry that I took so long to write back. Just got back from watching 'Princess and the Frog'. It was a cute movie, even if it were meant for kids.
  6. I got a finepix fujifilm camera. not the one I wanted but its nice and im still really happy with it =) I'd have gladly taken a junky camera lol I just wanted a new one really bad
  7. So Lucky! I wanted one!! lol. I wanted to get a Nikon Digital. They take great pictures. They are expensive though.
  8. Well it sounds like you had an ok Christmas =) I got a new camera! Which is pretty much all I wanted
  9. Merry Christmas! My day was pretty good. Got 3 presents from my uncle. My uncle got me chocolate cherries (that I don't eat), sunglasses (for Minnesota next month), and a puzzle. The puzzle is the cottage of the seven dwarves from Snow White. It doesn't look like the animated dwarves, so I'm even happier.
    My mom never wrapped the christmas presents from her and my dad and she put them on the table.
  10. Last Night! I was a little upset (and cried a little from stressed due lack of sleep which was my fault) until everyone 'opened' their chrismas presents. Kind of ironic what my parents got me. Bath gels and salts (for a bathtub we don't have), and a not-so-comfortable pillow for my plane ride next month. The case is really soft, but the makers put the stuffing in an air-tight bag. I don't mind though, since I can sleep on the floor if I get tired enough. lol. It's the thought that counts, so I'm really proud of what I got. Anyway, we had a quite dinner with me and my parents, my uncle, and my neighbor. We also had an unexpected guest, a chef from down the street. He didn't cook anything, which is sad since I really like his cooking. lol. Over all, it was a wonderful christmas. How was yours?

    PS. Sorry it the letter was long. That was my whole day.
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