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  1. I was asleep all day for two days. Today I slept until 3, but didn't get to sleep until around 7. I'm getting too much sleep in the day, but what can you do without getting moody? I'm happy you could see your dad and went out with a friend. I had to go to my neighbors birthday party and was bored the entire time. I kept thinking 'I should have brought my book'. Hope you get enough sleep! I'm getting ready to go back to bed, and I only woke up about an hour ago. lol
  2. I feel ya. I've been up all day and my body has just about had it. I went to work early and then got a shower and went out with my friend then went to see my dad and now Im just about ready to pass out lol
  3. lol. I thought I was the only one. Oh man, I slept almost literally all day today. I only woke up twice. The second time I got up. That was at 7. hahaha.... Hope I can get up tomorrow.
  4. I love those! yumm lol
  5. Yeah, right!? haha, oh, for the next couple of days, I get to eat chocolate chip waffles with chocolate syrup on them for dinner!I used to eat it all the time for breakfast. Sounds wierd, but it tastes good! lol.
  6. I always nap after I eat. Becuz food always makes me tired lol
  7. I always have to do that. lol. Happy that your feeling much better, and I hope you get your stamina back soon! Oh, on the news just a few seconds ago, it said that it's healthy to take a nap after eating. I'm VERY happy to hear that! I guess that's why I lost about 9 pounds lol. Thought I'd let you know^^
  8. Im glad you finally got something for that. I've actually been feeling a lot better for the most part. I've been soooooo tired its weird. I have literally slept more than I thought possible in the past 3 or 4 days. I stay awake at school then sleep at home til I eat then sleep some more lol
  9. I got an anti-inflamitory for my leg. Go figure that it doesn't hurt the day I get the medicine. At least I can use it for my arm and ankle though, since those are 'inflamed' too. How are you doing? Hope your feeling at least a little better.

    hehehe...Opposite sides of the same coin, it seems. lol.
  10. I think that sounds great lol
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