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  1. Im so tireddddddddddd lol todays our big freshmen pep rally thing. My classes suck but next semester will be better. I dont have time for headaches now lol
  2. I've left my computer at a friend's house. I'm hoping to remember to bring it home this time. How are your classes going? Hope your feeling better and your headache is gone.
  3. lol It's alright. I'm sorry you have a headache. Looks like our classes begin at the same time! That's cool! I'm forgetful too (forgot how to spell forgetful lol). I just read my last message and realized I repeated myself. My classes start tomorrow. I've got a busy month. I've got Literature starting monday (tomorrow), need to get my license in less than 19 days, a two day hunter safety course september 10 and 11, and my Field Biology class starts September 24. Not to mention I'm not off the hook for taking my grandma to her music two-three times a week. My saturday classes (Field Bio) and the Hunter Safety Course start at 8am. At least I get to sleep in untill 10:30am on Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm excited for it all, and a little worried about the driving and hunting tests. At least I've got something positive to look forward to. Other than hearing back from you, of course lol.
    PS. Sorry about being late, AGAIN....I need to remember to check ALL of my mail lol.
  4. Oh I thought I had sent you a message before =( I've been busy and forgetful lately. My classes start next week, one week from today. Im starting to stress about it really bad. I've had a headache that wont go away for a few days now. How are you?
  5. Just popping in to say hi When do your classes start?

    Oh! forgot to ask, when do your classes start?
  6. It's alright. Looks like I'm late again I'm hoping to get to the gym at my school before classes start so I can lose some weight and look good in my new clothes (well, the shirts I got for NJ and NY anyway). I can go for free, but my mom won't stop complaining that I need a job and my liscence. Can't she just wait until I get my scholarship money?! Hoping to get a job through the school since it's limited walking and 'stuff'. Have to go listen to music again today.....I'm getting seriously sick of these songs. Sorry for complaining v.v Anyway, happy to hear you're feeling better. For the past two days my leg muscles have been aching and I doubt it had anything to do with shaving lol. Will take a look at your pictures now. Looking forward to them!
  7. Sorry it took me a few days to reply. I've actually been feeling better somewhat, I was really sore. I've been out doing fun stuff with my family. You should look at the new pictures I just put up a day or so ago from the aquarium =) I could lose some weight. I gained a bit while I was on the high doses of steriods.
  8. XD I just meant that it would be nice if it did. Well, you can mentally throttle the genes that cause it. That's more realistic ;P After all, it still is a part of you. But yeah, my mom always says "we need to eat better" then goes and buys not so healthy foods. Now though, we're eating better but my mom keeps saying "you need to lose weight". She says it to both me and my dad. I'm always thinking "you say that, but you're bigger than me". Obviously, I'm not going to say that to her lol.
  9. I hope that works for you! I cant go on diets, because my mom refuses to buy things special for me. However, when she wants to cut fat out suddenly everything in our house is fat free. I NEED TO ESCAPE lol My therapist said its probably not healthy for me to keep thinking of my lupus like another entity other than myself. Because its easier for me to deal with it that way. It makes it easier to not take care of it lol
  10. Oh geeze! I hate that! especially when you have things that need to get done. Hasn't anyone told you to stop getting flares? :3 Just kidding! Makes you wish that Lupus had a physical form that you could throttle without hurting yourself or others lol. My mom put every one on her diet so not only should I lose weight, but maybe my dizzyness/blackouts will stop too. Keeping fingures crossed. Hope you get some relief.
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