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  1. I usually do sprite lol But we dont have any! =[ So when I felt like crap this morning I went to the nurse because I knew she had some, and pretzels though I would have prefered
  2. XD that was quick. just finished posting to yout new thread.
    If you like tea, Jasmine tea helps me with nausea. I know that sierra mist and ginger ale also work pretty well too.
  3. I didnt get it =(

    JK just got it lol
  4. My message was too long XD Sent you a pm instead lol
  5. Hey how are you doing? I havent talked to you in such a long time!
  6. Thats good to hear. =)
  7. Happy to hear you'll make it on time. Quite a close call. What a relief, to finally be finishing it all.

    I had to get an extention (electronic problem almost booted me out). Told me the money was due today when it's actually due tomorrow. Either way, got the extention, so I should be able to get everything figured out in time to take my classes. yipee! lol
  8. I know what you mean. Hopefully before your classes start things will work out. Im almost done with my homework. Thank god.
  9. No kidding. If I can't take any classes, then I'm just going to work my butt off. Frustration on one thing passes quickly when you stress about something else. lol
  10. Im sorry that must suck. I hope they get everything straightened out before school starts so you arent having to deal with that frustration.
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