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  1. Its always so much fun lol I love making wax things of my hand just because its tradition lol I think its funny your ex looks like Edward and now theres a new man named Jacob! LOL I was a big fan of those books lol movies were terrible though
  2. rofl posted on mine instead of yours.
    That's what happened with my ex. Jacob (the guy now) was saying that it wouldn't effect our friendship, but I just think it's a little wierd. XD I'm going to add a small tidbit to the pm that's pretty funny but embarassing about his mom. I was able to go a few years ago when I was in Middle school, but missed it every other time. I'm super happy that I get to go again.
  3. I hate them too! So frustrating lol
    Thats funny lol I dont think its weird I've had friends like that, and when I convinced myself I should date them, it ruined a great friendship I had with them. I love the Reinessance Festival! I went every year for awhile up until this year =( lol I had to pick one thing to spend money on that week. I hope you have fun!
  4. Not that I know of, but I think it is new. I hate season ice creams! I went to get the christmas one (the one only sold at publix) because my teacher kept telling us how good it was. I went to buy it and they were sold out. The manager guy said that all the stores were and they didn't know when the next shipment came. I never got to try it
    XD My ex looks like Edward from Twilight. He was certainly over-rated (laughed really loud when I read that). Happy you got the 1 in a million guy. I know one, but I don't want to date him. Do you that's weird? I mean, he's a nice guy and would do pretty much anything for me, but I'm not interested like that. I kind of feel bad about it. He's taking me to the Reinessance Festival since we couldn't go to the State Fair. He tricked me into it lol.
  5. Its so yummy lol I've never had that kind, is it one of those seasonal ice creams no one ever has? lol I love him to bits we've been together for a year and a half and he's one of the only people who is very caring when I feel like crap. Boyfriends are over rated though unless you find one worth your time lol I got a good one =) I hate the internet I always get kicked off too!
  6. lol yeah! my dad had me try it! It was really good! I like the terimisu ice cream too! Have you tried that one? It's a bit hard to find here though.
    You've got a great boyfriend. He cares a lot about you! I haven't had a real boyfriend, so I'm kind of jelous. lol
    Sry for the late reply. It just came up, not to mention kicked me off.
  7. Have you ever had banana ice cream? Its my FAV lol My boyfriend got me some last weekend when I could barely walk =) It made everything better lol
  8. I don't know what I'd do if I had to go without milk. I love ice cream, but milk is the closest I get to it most days (thanks for reminding me about the chocolate ice cream in the freezer! lol).
  9. Im not a salt person, and pretzels always have tons of salt on them lol I have been able to actually drink milk again lately xD Shortly after originally starting all my meds almost 2 years ago I suddenly got sick every time I had anything dairy, it was terrible. Just recently decided to test it, and so far so good! Ice cream can once again be my comfort food, YAY lol
  10. good choice! Soda bubbles give me a stomach ache, so I'm a tea and milk (especially milk tea!) type of person, although I have been known to drink someone's soda if they leave it on the table unsupervized! XD Everyone knows where it's gone if it's no longer in the cup. I'll trade you my crackers for your pretzels lol
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