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  1. of course! Oh, the IM went through right? had a bit of trouble lol.
  2. Thank you =)
  3. loving your pictures! Cute kitty.
  4. sry. Hate my computer sometimes lol
  5. Hoping you get more energy and the drs give you something for the pain and sleep problems.
  6. I had a pretty good response going. kind of like a mini novel lol. My computer got a bug so it's gone now I'll send what little I remember of it.
  7. I cleaned it out some lol I hope these cant fill up too.
  8. lol you're inbox is full. WAY too much to put here=). Now I need to go clean my out lol. At least visitor comments can't get full.....can they? XD
  9. I think the guy who plays Edward is SOOO unattractive lol and in the book he was like a god! Such a let down for me who was a big Edward fan. Now Im much more Jacob because his character was played by someone who was so sexy! LOL I think Bella was terrible too. I just was so disappointed lol I gave up on the movies.
  10. My friends tease me. They ask who I like, Edward or Jacob to tease me about my choice. I like Jacob the best! Hot body, great personality, at least looks Native American, and he can turn into a wolf!
    Your right. The movies are pretty bad. I thought I'd die when I saw Edward glitter. I wanted to pressure wash him and imbed real diamonds into him so he looked like what the book described XD I think they did a good job picking out people for the characters though. I would have chosen someone else for most of the pack though.
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