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  1. Happy to hear it! My dad found this really neat beetle so I asked him if he could help me catch it. Our two concerns were that it bites (with it's mean-looking pincers) and flies. Turns out that it eats the roots of trees so it's bite would be painful, and my worst fear, it does fly. It turned out to be the adult form of a grub. It's called a Palo Verde beetle, and it's native to Arizona, not Florida. I have in a glass container. Happy we caught it before it git to my new fig trees and berry bushes.
    Only if I get an A or B. with my previous grades being an A, a D, and 3 C's, it's so not going to happen. I'm only concerned that I pass. I was never good at math, so I'm not going to hope to get better than a C on the final.
  2. I just walked around my street a little bit and didnt feel like I was going to die! IMPROVEMENT lol I really hope I can handle my exams. Is there any way to raise your math grade?
  3. I have a C in math and have confidence in Ethics, so I'm happy too. I'm happy about the decrease in meds, and got your gown on top of that! I'm sure you'll do fine on you exams. Good luck on your walk tomorrow. You go girl!
  4. One class down, 3 more to go. I was under the impression that I wasn't taking my exams for a few more weeks and now I found out yesterday that I have to take them next week. Pretty mad and stressed out but Im trying to be so stressed because its making me feel sick. Good news is that yesterday I found out I get to go down again on my steroids and I got my cap and gown today. It feels so much closer to graduation now! The Lupus walk is tomorrow =) Im so excited!
  5. Yay! I'm sure you'll do fine. You were there for most of the classes, so I don't think you'll have to worry too much. Bet you will have a great graduation. What are you're school colors? Mine were green and white. The robe and hat were green, and the tassle was green and white. Kind of funny really. We weren't supposed to throw our hats, but we did anyway (I threw mine about two inches so that I didn't lose it lol). There were so many tassles laying on the ground. Everyone was trying to get theirs back. I didn't think I'd cry, but I started to. Over all, it was fun, so I know you'll have a blast. Just make sure to put on the water proof make up. Can't be too safe.
  6. Thats nice =) sounds fun! I havent gotten hardly anything done. I have one final tomorrow and then all the others are in the next week or so. Only a few more weeks left before Im completely done!
  7. Thanks. I'm doing a cross-stitch for my sister, and making her a friendship bracelet. It's going a little over-board I guess, but I haven't seen her in a while so it's worth it. My finals are coming up, next Monday actually. How about you? Have you been able to catch up?
  8. Thats awesome =) I hope you have fun. It might have messed up on my end Im not sure. I hope you have fun!
  9. XD well, I'd replied to the 'How Are You' IM that we've been conversing over (or at least I thought I did). Sry, but I don't remember any of what I'd originally said.
    PS. Sunday, my flight was schedualed. I'll be in NY/NJ June 30-July 19. I'm excited, but not too happy about the 3 hour flight. At least it's faster than a car ride.
  10. What IM? lol
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