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  1. Im doing pretty good. School is still very stressful. Exams are next week ahhhhh
  2. Hey You!!!
    How are you doing and feeling? How is school going? Hope you are well!!
  3. Thats good to hear. School is easier and not quite so crazy as it was.
  4. I am well...Glad your still takin pics and posting...I loved the sunflower ones as well as the others. How is school and how have you adjusted to school? I hope your well!!!
  5. Im pretty good. =) How about you?

    And thanks i had alot of fun taking those pics lol
  6. Hey Miss are you doing and how is school and everything else going with your family?
    BTW love the sunflower pics...Sunflowers are my favorite!
  7. Im feeling alot better. I just got a bed a few days ago =D its awesome. I just had a doctor appointment the other day. Band camp is gunna be starting in about a week and I cant wait! Im glad to hear your having fun =D
  8. Hey how are you doing and feeling? Sorry to hear about the boyfriend but I know your going to find someone else to hang out with and spend time! How are your little brothers and mom doing? How is the heat treating you? Hope all is well. I am doing well and still going out and having a great summer so far!
  9. He wasnt bad we just didnt work at all. Im glad to hear that your out there havin fun =) I dont think its even gotten that hot around here. With my luck it'll finally get that hot the week I have band camp lol

    I go back to the doctor in a few days Im a little nervous. I always seem to hear everything but what I'd like to hear lol
  10. Sorry to hear about the boyfriend. Someone else will be along to treat you much better and hang out with you. Glad your doing better...that always helps...not to be sick and out of pain. I am doing well and the guys...well were talking and getting to know eachother but it's slow...slow...slow progress so for now I just hang out with family. Went to a concert and club Friday night and had a great time! Saturday I was so tired and drained and just was easily 100 degress in LA and with no air conditioning I was just miserable but I love summer!
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