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  1. Im hoping I can handle it. Next week will be the start of a hard 2 years lol
  2. either route you go is still an awesome decision ! and yeah psych classes are awesome. i love the way they really work my mind and make me think. i reevaluate everything in life now, and i look at so many things in a different way haha
  3. That would be cool! Im not sure if I want to do adult or pediatric rheumatology, I might do both like my rheum does. If I go that route I'll be at Childrens Hospital in Cincinnati and if not I'll probably be at University Hospital thats right next door to Childrens. Im only taking the min required hours to be full time so I get my state and federal grant money lol its still a lot though I would prefer to take 3 classes at a time and then just fill in the extra ones during the winter and summer. I wanted to try to get involved in some research this summer but I just don't see it happening. Maybe next fall instead. Now THAT is going to be what kills me lol I actually wanted to do psych for the longest time before I decided on premed right before I started applying to colleges. I loved the psych class I took.
  4. i'm a psychology major, hoping to either work at the Lupus Center of Excellence in Pittsburgh, or Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh. if that fails though, i want to work with discharged soldiers with PTSD. with pre-med, thats bound to be pretty stressful. you just gotta make sure you do good time managing. and don't try to take on too many credits at a time.
  5. Pre-med. Next semester is going to be really hard for me. I hope I can do it lol how about you?
  6. Yeah I mean, you gotta do whatever works for you ! What's your major?
  7. I'm sorry you aren't feeling the best =/ I've had 2 bad flares this year. Last one was in oct-nov and finals weeks about killed me too. Stress probably triggered it. Its technically my first year, I have 40hrs though because I took a lot of classes in high school. I go to NKU and its not what I wanted but its school and its what I have to do because its all I can afford lol
  8. My Christmas was great and I've been okay. I had my first flare in over almost three years recently. During finals week actually, blah. And I was in the emergency room last night for chest pains. Turns out I have Costochondritis. :\ oh well, making the best of it. So is this your first year of college? Where do you go? Do you love it?!
  9. Hey how are you? I have been super busy and am just really wore down lately because I have been doing so much. Glad to see you're back! I had a pretty good Christmas hope you did too!
  10. Hi i haven't talked to you in the longestttt time ! but i'm back on this site, so i figured i'd pop by and say hello and see how you've been doing. talk soon. and i hope you had a great christmas
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