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  1. Like i said earlier i love days like today, u just cant take for granted all those other ppl who are homeless etc, when we are in the nice warm house watching the pouring rain and gale force winds outside it was soo lovely, and yeah mj was happy and relaxed singing to me on command lol u both made my day, apart from my arms being dead from the flu shots lol...however the swine flu shot was more painful than the other one xxx
  2. yeah it was nice just to chill out in the house watchin the rain while cuddling up. mj was really happy too. he normally gets annoyed being in his chair after bit but today he was really relaxed.i love you too xxx
  3. See your playing games aswell...i had such an amazin time with you today....was really good to see you and mj love you xxx
  4. Yeaqh it took me ages to get on here via my blackberry lol...hope you and our boys are having fun, look forward to seeing you ans shaneo friday...increase the peace button head...lots of love me xxx
  5. Boo. Wow its hard to find this bit to write in using mob lol x x
  6. heres hoping tom a better day ,love u and hope we get some pics of u sliding again...only to show the kids how to do it of course n;-) x
  7. we r all looking forward to seeing u tom, then once kids gone to bed we will watch ur film together.....with popcorn, baileys, rainbow drops, key lime pie and the door baricaded from kids lol xx
  8. Look what i found xx
  9. meeeee im still clapping bec i still didnt get it till half 7 in morning...and also im clapping bec i have got u and the boys so nuh lol sorry about dropping the food off and running, wanted to stay but had to drive back to pick up mj and joe on time, love u too xxx
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