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  1. I know. But I stress about everything lol And the 2 guys used to be my friends. So Im all worried about them.But they will hopefully get themselves some help finally. I hope that everything turns out ok with that =)

    My belly hurts soo freaking bad lol =/ I woke up at 1:30 with horrible pain. I couldnt fall back asleep for 2 hours because of it. I really need to figure out whats wrong with my stomach
  2. Hey You! Glad your okay during the craziness. Remember you can't allow yourself to get stressed or worried especially if it has nothing to do with you as stress feeds Lupus and this will cause flare ups or who knows what other side effects. As far as the students hopefully those 2 have learned a lesson from it all. As far as my lumps I have been ref. to another dr. and I am having an ultra sound/biopsy on Monday. My Dr. still believes they are my lympth nodes associated with Lupus. Well, hope you have a wonderful day!
  3. Today was such a crazy day at my school. Two kids got taken away and rushed off to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. I cant believe something like that happened at school! I dont understand why people do things like that. So pointless ya know?

    And Im very glad to hear that they arent hurting or anything. =)
  4. Yes...that will be good for you and help you get your mind off of being sick! Just don't push yourself too much! Enjoy it. Thank you for the well wishes. I am sure it will be fine just want to know what the lumps are but as long as they aren't hurting me or putting me in pain I can deal for now
  5. Well I hope everything goes well for you at your appointment. =) I'm tryin to cheer up. I've been down to much lately. My friend decided we need to just go out and have a really good time this weekend.So Im looking forward to that =)
  6. Glad your feeling and doing better...see mind over matter! you can and will do this. You can have the life you want and not live the life Lupus has planned for you but you gotta want it! I am doing well...have a doctors appt. so I am looking forward to it...I want remission so bad. I found two lumps pea size on my left arm pit so I have to get it checks out. Other than things are going well! Keep you the great attitude and things will transform for you!
  7. Im actually feeling better today. I went to school which was better than sitting around my house all day like I did yesterday. Im reaalllyy freakin tired though. And how are you today? =)
  8. Hey Girl!
    How you doing and feeling today? How is your mood overall? I am just checking on you!
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