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  1. Im not feeling so good today. I kinda feel like Im going to pass out and my moms good.
  2. Sorry to hear that...Things will get better. How is everything else going for you? How is your mom?
  3. eh Im doing pretty good how about you? it was good I guess. I dont like having to sneak around. and things didnt exactly go how I would of liked
  4. How are you doing and feeling these days? How was the meeting/hang out with the boyfriend???
  5. Sounds like you're just really busy lol you wont be bored this summer! That baby shower will probably be alot of fun =D Hope you have fun!
  6. Just working...BORING! I can't work out until I get my stitches out June 19th (next Friday) So I am bored bored after I get off of work. I have been going to my sister's house to visit which is nice. I also signed up for Economy for summer school. 8 weeks (every Saturday) debating on if I am going to keep the class or drop it. Either way I have to take it to complete my Business Class is from 9-12 every saturday. I could take the class and afterwards go to the gym which is a good saturday schedule. BUT during the summer there just seems to be a lot going on. I just want to loose more weight and get healthy. All in all I am in good spirits and doing well. I have a baby shower to attend younger cousin. It will be nice to see my family now that I am wearing regular clothes and shoes and I am not in pain. Who knows I might meet a guy baby shower. We will see!
  7. I plan to =D So what have you been up to lately and how have you been doing?
  8. WOW...okay...seeing the boyfriend! Glad your active and in good spirits. Enjoy it and take it all in!
  9. It has been really good so far =) It'll be hard to go swimming unless Im in a heated pool but I have people helping me out with that lol Im glad to hear that your doing well =D I might be seeing my boyfriend again this weekend I cant wait lol
  10. I am doing well...thanks for asking. Sounds like your summer is starting off great. I heard swimming is great exercise for us Lupies. Your in a great mood and I hope it continues for you with everything. BOYFRIEND...thats exciting I am sure!
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